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HR Big Data

As part of our HR Big Data services, we utilize our proprietary technology to collect data from recruitment platforms all over Japan. We have collected over 2 billion job listings over the past 5 years, and transform this data into information that can be used to make data based decisions in the recruitment process.
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Global HR

Japan has a shrinking working population. This reality is at the heart of the country's economic slowdown. Our objective in Global HR is to aid Japanese companies in becoming able to utilize foreign talent to address their demand for people. We believe that this initiative will in turn make Japan a more attractive place to work in, resulting in benefits to the nation's economy as a whole.

AI Development

We leverage our experience in big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help our customers get the most value from AI technology. We build AI that can be used by people to maximise their potential and lead their companies to success. We help our clients analyze data, train models, and finally deploy AI that make actual impact towards their goals.
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IT Solutions

In IT Solutions, we provide solutions that leverage on our strength in UX Design (User Experience Design) and Big Data/AI Development (Artificial Intelligence Development). You can completely entrust us with launches, development, as well as operation of your planned services. On top of assistance in design and development, we aim to work alongside with you as a partner in seeing through your business to the peak of its success.

Creating a future where foreigners who want to work in Japan can easily find success.

Our global HR business supports companies that employ foreigners and foreigners who are looking for work in Japan. The number of foreign workers in Japan is currently at an all-time high. On the other hand, there is a limited amount of information available for foreign students and workers to refer to when seeking employment or changing jobs, and we are not able to provide enough information. We offer a platform that provides information to companies and job seekers, and a recruiting platform that connects the two.

Jopus Connecter image

Recruitment service specialized for foreigners

「Jopus Connecter」 is a recruitment service connecting foreigner job seekers with companies and foreigner employees in Japan.
Through our service, job seekers can search for jobs, reach out to companies' foreign employees, called a "Connecter" to speak with them in their native language or in English, and understand more about the company before applying.

Jopus Biz image

Content platform supporting small to medium sized companies in making hiring foreign employees a norm

「Jopus Biz」provides companies looking to hire foreigners with news, know-how, and content regarding hiring foreign talent.

Jopus image

Content platform aiming to support foreigners who wish to work in Japan

「Jopus」provides foreigners who want to work in Japan with news, seminars, event information, and advice regarding job hunting in Japan.

Your partner in assuring business success

We aim to be a one-stop solutions provider from planning through to operations, using knowledge gained from years of developing and operating our own in-house services, as well as our new found strength in UX Design and Big Data/AI Development. Having acquired over more than 1 billion job data, we have been helping our customers in the HR industry solve their problems with our industry insights. We also utilize multiple design validation methods to help you determine root causes as to why users may encounter difficulties when using business services. Please feel free to consult us whenever you may need any solutions assistance in this area as well.

The IT Solution service in ensuring your business' success

Using the combined strength of IT and design, we have managed to solve various problems. By understanding key goals of services and true value of products before moving into development, we are able to develop solutions that are effective and enhances user experience. We aim to support your business in its path to success by leveraging on knowledge gained from experience in developing our own in-house services.

Big Data solutions
without the big hassle

Datist is with you at every stage of the solution lifecycle. From collecting and refining raw data, to the final analysis and visualization, our service leverages natural language processing technology, visual examination and the latest advances in web crawling to handle each step in designing and maintaining a system solution optimized for your organization.