Handling of Personal Information

Date of establishment: June 1, 2015
Date of last update: February 1, 2022

Attention of the contents

In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions and the Japanese version, the Japanese version shall take precedence over the English version.

1. Name of the business

Goalist Corporation

2. Name or position and contact information of the personal information protection manager (or the representative)

Personal Information Protection Manager: Corporate Development Department
Tel: 03-5577-5162

3. Purpose of use of personal information

1) Personal information related to Jopus Biz / Jopus Connecter

  • To complete registration procedures
  • For confirmation of interview schedules, business contact, etc.
  • To introduce you to recruiting companies
  • To provide information about our services
  • To respond to a business contact or inquiry

2) Personal information handled in the system development and operation business

  • To carry out the entrusted work

3) Personal information related to our business partners

  • To communicate, cooperate, negotiate, and execute contracts related to our company’s various businesses

4) Personal information of those who have made inquiries

  • To respond to inquiries about our business

5) Purpose of use of personal information about employees

  • For human resource management

6) Purposes of use of personal information regarding recruitment applicants

  • For recruitment selection
  • For recruitment selection procedures and contacting about its results
  • To implement pre-employment procedures and to contact regarding other procedures

4. Shared use

The Goalist Group may share personal data among group companies as follows: for the purpose of conducting the group’s business management operations, providing customers with information on products and services, and making decisions regarding such information.

1) Items of personal data
Personal data held by each company in the Goalist Group: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, and other information related to transactions such as the contents of contracts described in the contract application form.

2) Method of acquisition of personal data
Personal data obtained through inquiries about services and other contract applications.

3) The range of group companies to be shared with
Goalist Corporation and its group companies
HumAIn Co.,Ltd., HRog Co.,Ltd., Goalist Vietnam LLC, and Goalist India Technologies Pvt. Ltd..

4) In charge of Personal Data Management
Goalist Corporation.

5. Contact for complaints and consultation

For inquiries, complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the “Personal Information Inquiry Desk” in Section 6 below.

6. Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure

1) Retained personal data
If you have a request for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of content, and provision to a third party of personal information, please contact the “Personal Information Inquiry Desk” in Section 6 below. However, we are unable to respond to requests for disclosure for personal information entrusted to us for system development and operation. Because we use that information only for the purpose of performing the entrusted work, we will not use them for any other purpose.

2) Contact for requests for disclosure
For requests for disclosure, please contact the “Personal Information Inquiry Desk” described in Section 6 below. If you wish to request disclosure of your personal information, please fill out and submit the required information in our prescribed document.

3) When requesting disclosure, we will verify your identity. In some cases, we will ask you to send us a copy of an official certificate for verification.
For agents, we will ask them to submit a letter of attorney for confirmation. If a proxy is appointed, a copy of the official certificate of both the applicant and the proxy must be submitted. In addition, we do not accept any requests for disclosure, by telephone, e-mail, fax. Please submit your request by registered mail or other way that can be recorded.

If you are a legal representative of a minor or an adult ward, we will confirm that you have the right to represent us with a document that proves your legal representation.

4) For requests for “notification of purpose of use” and “disclosure” among requests for disclosure, a fee of up to 1,000 yen will be charged. If this fee will be exceeded, we will contact you.

7. Personal Information Inquiry Desk

The contact information for the Company’s “Personal Information Inquiry Desk” is as follows Goalist Corporation: Personal Information Inquiry Desk
Email: privacy@goalist.co.jp

8. Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and Contact for Complaint Resolution

Japan Information Processing Development Center Society Personal Information Protection Desk
Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
Phone number: 03-5860-7565
Toll-free number: 0120-700-779 (*Business hours: 9:30-12:00, 13:00-16:30)
Please note that the above contact information is not for inquiries about our services.

We may revise the “Handling of Personal Information” in order to better protect the personal information of customers and to respond to changes in laws and regulations.